The long-awaited world fair of the livestock sector, Eurotier, which took place in Hanover on November 13th and 16th was a great success.

Considered as the world meeting place for the sector, with 2.638 exhibitors distributed in 16 halls, Eurotier attracted more than 163,000 visitors from all over the world interested in technical advances and innovations in services and genetics in the aquaculture and livestock industries, especially bovine, porcine, caprine and poultry.

Bordas and ID4Feed

Bordas accompanied his partner ID4Feed as an exhibitor, to meet first-hand the needs and demands of the sector; and to be able to give adapted and specific solutions to each one of them.

In response to the critical situation of global public health warning caused by antibiotic resistance, Bordas and ID4Feed presented different alternatives to reduce the use of antibiotics as growth promoters. This alternatives are exclusive functional assets developed with technological extraction processes and protection of patented molecules, by our teams of specialists.

During the exhibition, Bordas received different companies interested in its multiple active ingredients of natural origin, such as essential oils, oleoresins, and other plant extracts as this one obtained from Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis), which is present in the new release ID PHYT BORDOX, and arousing great interest among the visitors related to both sectors: animal feed and pets.

In ID PHYT BORDOX, we present an antioxidant solution whose action is strengthened thanks to the activity of its synergistic substances.

Our rosemary extract from the Mediterranean region (BORDANTIX®) known for its natural antioxidant properties, is presented as an effective alternative to synthetic antioxidants traditionally used, such as ETOXIQUINA, BHA and BHT, which are either withdrawn from the market or whose security is very questioned at present.

BORDANTIX® is effective

BORDANTIX® has proven effective in inhibiting the production of free radicals, thanks to the high concentrations of polyphenols, mainly carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid and carnosol. Therefore, their activity as an antioxidant makes them optimal molecules to improve the stability of food and preserve them from oxidative processes, avoiding any alterations in aroma, taste and color, formation of toxic substances and loss of certain nutrients.



Type C

Deodourised and decoloured antioxidant, light yellow to light brown. Carnosic acid content upon request.

Type A

Deodourised standar natural antioxidant, greenish coloured. Carnosic acid content upon request.


From 1% to 30% carnosic acid. Oil soluble and water dispersible productos upton request.


From 1% to 10% carnosic acid. Oil soluble and water soluble / dispersible productos upon request.

For Bordas, Eurotier has been a wonderful opportunity to meet again with our customers and regular suppliers and to enjoy together theses very interesting days full of news. As well it has been a great opportunity to design innovative projects and new and exciting collaborations.

That is why we wish to coincide with all of you in the next edition that will take place in two years, from November 17th to 20th in 2020.

We are committed to your needs and concerns, and we will be pleased to collaborate with you



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