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DESTILACIONES BORDAS CHINCHURRETA S.A. with CIF: A-41001454 is the owner and manager of the website As a sign of our commitment to transparency and to Users, we provide the company’s tax and contact details below:


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Telephone: +34 954 419 000


The website of offers users, in addition to accessing the website, information about its products and applications for understanding and communication with its collaborators, clients, suppliers, job applicants and other interested parties.



It is essential that User knows and understands the following basic terminology that we will use in our legal texts:

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  • Services and products: Set of services or products offered through the website.
  • Web or website: Internet site accessible at the address
  • User: Any person who browses the web, whether for informational, collaborative, purchasing, employment or any kind of interests.



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In no case,

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  • You have the right to clear, concise and up-to-date your information on the services offered and on the commercial expression.
  • You have the right to know the costs associated with contracting the service before hiring it.
  • You have the right to not provide personal data if it is not necessary for the operation.
  • You have the right to your personal data protection.
  • They have the right to be informed about the purpose and subsequent uses of collected personal data. This information must be understandable by the general public.
  • You have the possibility to exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and forgetting your personal data. 
  • These rights may be exercised not only electronically but also physically. More information on these rights and exercises on Privacy Policy and Data Protection
  • You have the right to receive personalized attention by email.
  • You have the right to be informed to freely grant your consent of receiving commercial or advertising information.
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BORDAS cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the website, when hindered by circumstances beyond the control of the BORDAS team.

  • Specifically, BORDAS does not assume, with no limitations, any responsibility for damages, losses, claims or expenses of any nature derived from:
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  • The use that Users may make of the materials included on the web,site whether prohibited or permitted, in violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights, confidential information, content of the Service or Third Parties.
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However, and in compliance with the provisions of art. 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, BORDAS is made available to all Users, authorities and security forces, to actively collaborate in the withdrawal or blocking, of all those contents that could affect or contravene the National or International Legislation, Third Party’s rights, or morals and public order; and it will be grateful if communications are sent through



BORDAS, in compliance with the Spanish regulations on the protection of personal data, guarantees full compliance with the obligations described therein, as well as the implementation of the security measures contemplated in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Law 15 / 1999 onwards, LOPD) and new European Regulation (EU) 2016/679, hereinafter RGPD.

For more information about the treatment of your data, you are invited to meet and read the Privacy and Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Policy.

We strongly recommend Users to thoroughly read each of the legal texts on this website. In case of disagreement with any of these texts, the User must refrain from using this website.



In BORDAS we collect personal data through the Contact Forms, in which you can choose the purpose for which you want BORDAS to use it.

The purpose of the treatment will depend on the interest of the user, finding the following:

  • Customer management, if you select CUSTOMERS.
  • Human resources management, if you select LABORAL.
  • Supplier management, if you select SUPPLIERS.
  • Marketing management, if you select MARKETING.

In any case, User freely and expressly accepts the sending of commercial and promotional actions, whatever the purpose when fulfilmening the Contact Form.

We recommend User to read the Privacy and Data Protection Policy in which User is detailly informed of the use and treatment of his/her data.

At any time, User can withdraw his/her consent and exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, limitation, portability, cancellation or opposition, through the following email:, or using the postal address: Calle Acueducto 4-6, Polígono Industrial la Isla , CP: 41703, Dos Hermanas – Seville, Spain.

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BORDAS is based in Spain, so BORDAS is bound by Spanish and European laws on Data Protection.

The User accepts that any claims or complaints against BORDAS that comes from or is related to the use of this website, and more specifically to the treatment of their personal data, will be resolved by the court of the competent jurisdiction located in Dos Hermanas.

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BORDAS may modify this legal notice at any time by publishing on this website. The last applicable update was made on April 2020.