Committed to Sustainability

The exploitation of resources to manufacture new products can generate great environmental impacts.

As a sign of our commitment to sustainable development and positive social and environmental impacts, Bordas has developed a strategic green-framework aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that focuses efforts on the following pillars:

Sustainable Development

Bordas ensures a sustainable development in all its activities as a producer and distributor, guaranteeing the balance between the supply of raw materials, the care of the environment and the social well-being and social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain in the community we operate in.

Bordas holds the Environmental Management System certified by AENOR according to the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard, which is periodically reviewed by means of internal and external audits in order to ensure continuous improvement in environmental management.

This tool is used to put the Environmental Policy into practice, as well as to define Bordas’ environmental objectives.

The most relevant aspects from which Bordas addresses Sustainable Development Management are as follows:



Bordas takes care of the environment and the resources. That is why Bordas invests in technology that respects the environment and considers the direct and indirect environmental aspects of its activities and services, which include those derived from emergency situations that may have an impact on the surrounding environment.

Some of our main environmental aspects on which Bordas focus mainly on the following:

Atmospheric emissions
Hazardous and non-hazardous waste
Noise emission
Liquid spills
Incidents and possible emergency situations


The management of the company is carried out in a responsible manner with the objective of strengthening its stability and to promote its organic and constant growth.



Bordas ensures fair and safe working conditions for all its employers.


Partners and Society

Bordas grants respectful treatment supported by an internal quality management system and a code of conduct for business partners and suppliers. Our social commitment is established in our Ethics Policy.

The Environmental Management System of Bordas is open to the identification of areas for improvement that may arise from its daily implementation or from the recommendations arising in audit processes or contributions from our stakeholders such as clients, own personnel, Administrations, etc.

Energy saving and efficiency

Being one of the main objectives of Bordas, the company has developed and implemented actions aimed at achieving greater energy efficiency in our activity, among which are:


Installation of an economizer

It allows taking advantage of the sensible heat of the fumes and combustion products, thereby achieving energy and fuel savings, as well as a reduction in the contribution of chemicals in water treatment.


Change of outdoor lighting from conventional to LED

Achieving not only savings in energy consumption, but also higher quality lighting and less pollution.


Installation of variable frequency drivers

Installation of variable frequency drivers for different equipment of the activities carried out such as pumping equipment, compressors, etc.

Bordas’ industrial facilities have photovoltaic panels and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant that allows the uninterrupted water supply in our factory.

Moreover, the electric trucks that we use are powered by green and clean energy and maintain the highest levels of safety for our workers.

In addition, all the actors in our company receive regular training on the importance of responsible energy consumption and good environmental practices.

Reduction of waste

With the aim of reducing the waste generated in our activity, our Waste Management System has an implanted circular material flow model that includes recycling systems and management of discharges of the different by-products, including reduction, recovery, recycling, or reuse.

For example, the internal procedure for cleaning machines and facilities is based on a reusable and reliable cleaning cloth rental system, which allows savings in consumables and a reduction in the high costs of disposal and storage compared to the use of materials disposable.

Responsible consumption of materials

Proper management of the waste generated in the offices is decisive in the environmental impact.

Therefore, Bordas focuses its efforts on fostering a commitment to sustainable consumption, promoting recycling actions in our teams. Bordas has established conditioned areas that favour the recycling of paper, plastics, computer consumables, batteries, etc; and develops training programs on the responsible consumption of these resources for the teams.

In addition, the company performs internal audits that periodically review the recycling conditioning areas in the factory and their correct signage.

The Green Digital Transformation

In the five past years, Bordas has implemented different systems that favour an efficient digital transformation in a gradual way with the aim of minimizing the waste of paper and other materials.


Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

The implementation of a single software for the management of company processes has reduced the paper-use by more than 40% since its implementation. In addition, the “Email Pool module” allows the semi-automatic exchange of digital documentation, which has improved efficiency an internal cooperation promoting maximum interdepartmental connection, thus increasing the productivity of digital procedures and achieving greater efficiency and satisfaction in our team and collaborators.


Presence and Access Management System

The biometric access system implemented in our facilities replaces the old method based on “paper annotations”. This measure allows our team to know the status and fulfilment of their own working hours, as well as to agilely manage the request for their holidays and absences, but also facilitating the relevant processes for the Human Resources department.


Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMs)

Bordas has implemented a LIM with the aim of digitizing the management of all the processes carried out in our laboratories.