Committed to excellence

Collaborations give Bordas the opportunity to share our passion, knowledge and expertise and to learn from other well-established companies, for the benefit of a common mission: to achieve the greatest success in the industry we operate in, and to address any challenges together.

Grasse Institute of Perfumery

Bordas is proud to be the 2020 annual sponsor of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP).

For us, it is a real pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to sponsor this great and beautiful institution recognized worldwide for its unique formation.

All our team participates actively to transmit our savoir-faire, expertise and passion to the new students of this promotion, while we learn and enjoy together along this amazing project.

Join us during this beautiful adventure.

Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

Bordas, together with Agua de Sevilla Perfumes, Engranajes Culturales and the Museum of fine arts of Seville, has organized an olfactive trip through the time.

This trip is another way of being transported to Seville in the 19th and 20th centuries exploring 12 selected paintings from an emotional and sensitive perspective never seen before.

The 12 scents inspired by the soul of each painting have been created and developed by our prestigious team of perfumers.

The Power of Collaborations

As a sign of our engagement in the continuity and progress of the sector, Bordas works with and sponsors several worldwide institutions and events that belong to the fragrance industry.

In this way, the liaison between both parts allows for the sharing of expertise and passion, as well as spending plenty of enjoyable and pleasant moments together.

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Contact us if you want to start a collaborative adventure with us.


Dear client and collaborator,

Due to this exceptional situation and in order to ensure a secure work-environment for our team, providers and clients; Bordas has adopted and stepped up a range of precautionary measures following WHO’s recommendations.

Among these measures are the creation of one-way-routes inside our factory and offices, temperature checks, stringent sanitation, cleaning and disinfection actions, personal hygiene reinforced-habits, workplace distancing, shift work and teleworking to minimize exposure.

At present, Bordas is organised to guarantee its activity and to fulfil all confirmed orders.

In case of doubt or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Bordas will follow closely the evolution of this situation, and we will keep you fully informed about any changes.

Thank you for your always support and understanding,