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Browsing this website or using any of the services BORDAS offers through it, you acquire instantly the condition of User and, therefore, these rules constitute a contract between BORDAS S.A. and the User regarding the use of this website, its links and any downloadable content found on it; and so is established by the applicable regulations of the information society and electronic commerce services (Law 34/2002 LSSI-CE). 

Access and navigation on the website www.bordas-sa.com implies the free and express acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Data Protection, the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use and the Cookies Policy in accordance with the Law 24/2002 LSSI-CE.

We strongly recommend the User to thoroughly read each of this legal texts found on the website.

In case of disagreement with any of these texts, the User must refrain from using this website





  • Information about our products and applications.
  • Customer Management.
  • Supplier management.
  • Management of job candidates.

Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.

Recipients: No data is transferred to third parties, except legal obligation. Although analytical results can be transferred by tools installed on the web.

Rights: User has the right to access, rectify and delete his/her Personal data, to limit and oppose the treatment and/or the portability withdraw consent.

Additional information: Additional and detailed information on Data Protection is described on this notice. 

The processing of personal data will be defined as all those operations, formalities and technical procedures that are carried out in an automated or non-automated way and that enable the collection, storage, modification, transfer and other actions on personal data.



When sending any request for information through the email bordas@bordas-sa.com, using the Web Contact Form or any other method, the User agrees to have read this Privacy Policy, and User  gives unequivocal, free, and informed consent to the processing of his/her personal data for the stated purposes.

The aforementioned express consent implies that USer gives to BORDAS, the co-managers and processors with whom BORDAS maintains a contractual and compliance control relationship; the authorization to process his/her data in the terms established in this Privacy Policy.



BORDAS informs Users that all personal data they provide through this Website, including the IP address, will be incorporated and processed by the data controller DESTILACIONES BORDAS CHINCHURRETA S.A.

The purposes of the treatment are as follows:

  • To send informative communications, offers and promotions, either through the email provided on the website or through the Contact Forms.
  • To respond enquiries about our products, sales and manufacturing policies, as well as any other questions that may arise from the products and services offered.
  • To manage and offer promotions, discounts, and new products for the purpose of advertising and commercial actions.
  • To respond and/or send information to the interested party about our privacy policies or request to exercise their rights in terms of Data Protection.
  • To carry out periodic analytical studies of the website for statistical purposes based on the data provided.
  • Human resources management. 

In addition, BORDAS carries out the following activities resulting from analytics of Cookies and other web storage devices:

  • Segmented advertising management.
  • Legal obligations, in case of requirement of use, conservation or retention of personal information for reasons of legal compliance such as the prevention, detection or investigation of a crime, prevention of loss or fraud or to comply with internal and external audit requirements, with our objectives of information security, personal data protection and / or crime prevention.

BORDAS’ access to data is legalised when the User expresses his/her informed consent; according to the infrastructure of this website.

We will not use your data for any other purpose not expressed in this Privacy Policy, nor will we send additional information not requested with your express consent.



BORDAS guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of the personal data collected, taking the necessary security measures for regulatory compliance in accordance with the provisions of the new Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament. BORDAS put any technical necessary means to prevent any alteration, loss, unauthorized access or misuse of the data processed, according to the nature of the data, the state of technology, and the risks to which they are exposed.

Data have collected with the User’s explicit consent, prior information of the purposes of the treatment that are expressly indicated in this Privacy Policy, through legal or contractual legitimation.

For this reason, BORDAS will not use the personal data for different purposes from those which have been previously reported.

Instead, BORDAS will not be responsible for incidents on personal data when they derive from an attack or unauthorized access to the systems in such a way that it is impossible to detect due to the security measures implemented or when it is due to a lack of diligence of the User.



BORDAS will not transfer data to Third Parties without the express authorization of the Users. However, it can yield metrics and analytics requested by computer tools installed on the website of different ownership; since we use third-party tools and services for the management of this website as well as for performing analytics. 

Some of these services may be owned by Third Parties residing outside the European Union (Google, WordPress, etc.). For more information please consult our Cookies Policy.

Most of these Third Parties claim to comply with European data protection regulations and even have their servers and/or headquarters in Europe.



BORDAS just shares personal information with Third Parties in order to provide services or carry out commercial operations in the terms described in this Privacy Policy or when BORDAS considers that the law allows or requires it.

When sharing personal information, and it is not abstractly, BORDAS does so in accordance with the Privacy and Data security requirements under the signature of private treatment manager contracts, in which BORDAS requires the proper compliance and certification of security measures for the treatment of personal data.



At any time, User can withdraw his/her consent and exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, limitation, portability, cancellation or opposition, through the following email: bordas@bordas-sa.com, or using the postal address: Calle Acueducto 4-6, Polígono Industrial la Isla , CP: 41703, Dos Hermanas – Seville, Spain.

In both cases, User must also accompany a copy of his/her national identity document, passport or other valid document that identifies him/her.



  • Right to information: The interested party must be previously informed in an express, precise and unequivocal manner of, among others, the existence of a treatment, the possibility of exercising their rights and the person responsible for the treatment.
  • Right of access: This right allows User to know and to obtain free information about his/her personal data subject to treatment.
  • Right of rectification: This right allows User to correct errors, modify the data that turns out to be inaccurate or incomplete and guaranteeing the certainty of the information under treatment.
  • Right of cancellation: This right allows User to delete the data that turns out to be inadequate or excessive, without prejudice to the duty to block contained in the LOPD.
  • Right of opposition: It is the right of the affected party due to not carry out the processing of his/her personal data or to cease it.
  • Right of limitation: This right allows User to decide what personal data do not want to be processed in the future. User can exercise this right when he/she has previously contested the accuracy of the same; and when the treatment is illegal.
  • Right of portability: This right allows User to receive the personal data provided, or that BORDAS transmits it to another responsible person in a structured format and mechanical reading, as long as the treatment is carried out automatically and the treatment is based on a before effective consent.
  • Right to be forgotten: This right allows User to ask BORDAS to removal names from the search results list.
  • Advertising rights: This right allows User to be excluded from phone books, to be unsubscribers from unwanted advertising and other telecommunications services.


For the protection of Users’ personal data, BORDAS has implemented proper security protocols and the application of technical and organizational measures appropriate to the state of the art, taking into account the scope, context and purposes of the treatment, as well as the risks of variable probability and gravity for the rights and freedoms of the interested parties, trying to be able to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the treatment systems and services.

In addition, we are concerned with ensuring the correct choice of our data processors, in compliance with the Data Protection regulations.



In case of breach of the security of personal data BORDAS will notify the Spanish Agency for Data Protection before 72 hours after the incident has been recorded, describing the nature of the violation, the possible consequences that may arise and the measures adopted or proposed to remedy the security breach. If possible, BORDAS will give the categories and the approximate number of interested parties and the affected data.

In addition, when the violation of the security of personal data may entail a high risk for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, BORDAS will notify the interested parties as soon as possible.


Personal data will be kept as long as the User does not request its deletion.

User data will be processed in order to keep User informed about the actions promoted by BORDAS; or in the case of Human Resources management to enable the incorporation to future vacant positions whenever they are adequate, pertinent and limited to what is necessary for the purposes they are treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



As a User, you accept and guarantee that any personal data you provide is truthful, and you are the only person responsible for any direct or indirect damage or harm that false data could be caused to BORDAS as the person in charge of this website or to Third Parties.

Please, inform BORDAS of any changes that may occur in the data provided, by sending an email to bordas@bordas-sa.com.



The art. 7 of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5th, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights establishes that the treatment of personal data of a minor may only be based on their consent when they are over 14 (fourteen) years old. The treatment of the data of minors under 14 (fourteen) years old, based on consent, will only be lawful if the holder of parental authority gives expressly the consent with the scope determined by the holders of parental authority.

With the acceptance of the Privacy Policy the User certifies that he/she is over 14 (fourteen) years old and/or has full legal capacity necessary to provide consent to the processing of his/her personal data.

In the event that data of minors have been entered without the express consent of their holders of parental authority, BORDAS reserves the possibility of reject the responsibilities and rebound any damage that the issuance of these data implies, as well as its cancellation as soon as it becomes aware of them.



BORDAS expressly prohibits the User to share, facilite or transfer any  data from Third Parties to anyone, which may be obtained as a result of contact, interaction or browsing or consultation through this website, except if it could be proved the express authorization of the User whose data is intends to be transfered. 

The concept “Third Party Data” also includes files and images of people, especially in the case of Resumes.

As a User, you acknowledge assuming your responsibility, forcing yourself to hold BORDAS harmless against any possible claim.



BORDAS strongly recommend User to read the Cookies Policy where the useability and other relevant facts about Cookies are explained.

BORDAS informs Users that all personal data they provide through this Website, including the IP address, will be incorporated and processed by the data controller DESTILACIONES BORDAS CHINCHURRETA S.A. 

IP address is considered as a personal data whom device and location could be identified, if necessary, at the request of the competent authorities.



BORDAS is based in Spain, so BORDAS is bound by Spanish and European laws on Data Protection.

The User accepts that any claims or complaints against BORDAS that comes from or is related to the use of this website, and more specifically to the treatment of their personal data, will be resolved by the court of the competent jurisdiction located in Dos Hermanas.

If the User accesses this site from a location outside of Spain, they are responsible for complying with all applicable local and international laws.



BORDAS reserves all rights to make modifications in Privacy Policy without prior notice thereof.

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