Annual sponsor of GIP (Grasse Institute of Perfumery)

Bordas is proud to be the 2020 annual sponsor of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP).

For us, it is a real pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to sponsor this great and beautiful institution recognized worldwide for its unique formation.

All our team participates actively to transmit our savoir-faire, expertise and passion to the new students of this promotion, while we learn and enjoy together along this amazing project.



These two summer months, Bordas has travelled to Grasse, at least virtually, to carry out the first training lectures to the students of the 2020 promotion of Grasse Institute of Perfumery.

Our colleague Mr. Fernando Lorenzo García, Analytical Research and Instrumentation Manager, gave the first lecture on the Quality Control of Essential Oils and other Aroma Chemicals used in the Fragrance and Flavour Industry.

In addition, he presented some examples of the way in which Bordas controls the different quality aspects of each raw material and final product, while he showed them Bordas’ laboratories and facilities.

On the other hand, our colleague Mr. José Luis Ruiz, Purchasing Manager, spoke about the Sourcing.

During the presentation, our colleague addressed topics such as the importance of acquiring the raw material at its place of origin to guarantee its quality, sustainability, and fair trade, the variables that influence price-variation over the years and how teamwork between different departments of Bordas, our protocolised internal processes and the close relationship with each actor throughout the supply chain make every purchase a great success.

The students were genuinely interested in both subjects and asked numerous questions about them.

We cannot wait to share more moments with this great family!



We have already met the 12 students of this 2020 Grasse Institute of Perfumery promotion!
Just a few days ago, we were lucky to return to the wonderful and sunny city of Grasse, and to share a day with the GIP team and the new students.

During this fruitful day, Bordas introduced the company and the Fragrance department to the students, and held a videoconference with our headquarters in Seville to meet the entire team that will accompany students throughout this adventure: perfumers, project managers, quality control, analytical development, marketing and purchasing teams…

In addition, the students made a brief introduction of themselves, their careers and jobs they have done, describing what they expect from the course and their vision for the future.

After that, Bordas met the GIP team to determine and organise the different activities and the training interventions that we will carry out together throughout the year.

Before saying goodbye to all this wonderful team, we enjoyed a delicious cocktail with sea views, which allowed us all to meet each other depthly.

We are looking forward to returning to Grasse!



On Thursday, December 12th 2019, the team of Grasse Institute of Perfumery (GIP), students, their family, and Symrise and Bordas companies, gathered to celebrate the end of the academic year.

The Closing Ceremony is an important annual event where students defend their final-grade projects and their work and implication along the year are recognized by receiving the completion diplome.

The organization of the event, held in the International Perfume Museum, was excellent.

During the reception we had some time to meet each other and discuss with students about their passion and wishes for their future.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Philippe Massé, President of PRODAROM, who gave an inspiring speech; followed by some interesting and brief interventions about the school, the learning experience they have lived and the fragrance industry.

Also students presented and defended their wonderful fragrance projects, and we all could discover and smell their so nice creations.
The jury formed by Symrise team, the 2019 sponsor, deliberated and chose the best project to be awarded.

During the evening, Bordas was presented as the next sponsor for the 2020 academic year. Our company thanked this great honour to all the GIP crew.

After the presentations and speeches, a wonderful and tasty valedictory cocktail were given to all the assistants. During the cocktail, Bordas’ team had the opportunity to share some more moments and talks with the students and to discover closier their creative projects.

We take advantage of this post to congratulate the new graduates. The future will not always be easy, but on behalf of the entire Bordas team, we encourage them and confirm that this path they have chosen is extremely exciting.

We would also like to thank all the GIP and Symrise teams for the exceptional organisation of this amazing ceremony we had the chance of sharing together.

The Power of Collaborations

As a sign of our engagement in the continuity and progress of the sector, Bordas works with and sponsors several worldwide institutions and events that belong to the fragrance industry.

In this way, the liaison between both parts allows for the sharing of expertise and passion, as well as spending plenty of enjoyable and pleasant moments together.

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