Ice Cream: Top 5 trends for the upcoming season

Ice Cream: Top 5 trends for the upcoming season

Nutritional experts assure that ice creams provide many health-giving properties, making them perfect to be included in any daily and balanced diet.

On the one hand, sorbets and water-based ice creams provide a lot of hydration, and on the other hand there are plenty of fruits. To sum up, dairy ice cream is a great source of necessary nutrients which help to complete the recommended daily intake.

The ice cream industry is constantly looking for new strategies to create innovative products that arouse interest in the final consumer and extend their consumption throughout the year.

The evolution of consumption in the European ice cream sector is expected to grow at a rate of 4.2% in the 2018-2023 period, according to Mordor Intelligence.



The present-day consumer is more ingredient-conscious who seeks better-for-you products. He is defined as a customer more committed to their environment, with a quick and easy reach of information.

In addition, he is less conformist so he is constantly seeking higher quality products which offer new experiences and, why not, exclusivity.

For all these reasons, Bordas wants to discover you the social trends where we are moving on:

  • Eco-conscious: The current consumer is increasingly committed to the environment and the impact of their actions on it. Due to this, different movements have been born, such as the “Clean label”, “Veggie” or “Rethink plastic”, and we can assure that they have come to stay.
  • Veggie Revolution: Either due to the realization of diets for weight loss, the search for a balanced health or conscience with animal welfare; the veggie movement is still on the rise. Due to this, companies from different sectors are developing categories of 100% natural, organic and animal-friendly products, suitable for all public including vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, frugivores and raw-vegans.
  • Healthy living: Health continues to be one of the main and strong reasons in the purchase process. More and more users are looking to consume products that not only calm their appetite, but also have some benefit on their health. Due to this trend, there is an increase in the consumption of products that include functional ingredients in their compositions, lower levels of fats, calories and sugars, and eliminate any potential allergen.
  • Experiences and personalization: The consumer does not want more of the same, he wants to discover new experiences and explore new emotions even if that means to pay out a higher price. He wants personalised products and services that satisfy specific needs, giving him the opportunity to feel unique. Premiums and luxury goods made with carefully selected raw materials, surprising flavours and a more attractive packaging are the more and more desirable.
  • Now and ever: The climatic instability and the need for feeling special have been the responsible factors for this emerging trend. Users claim timeless products which offer non-expiry date solutions.


Social trends set the steps and patterns to be followed by different industries, and the ice cream sector could not be different. In Bordas we work highly with the commitment to pre-empt incoming social trends.


The widespread and non-stop consumption of products resulting from the compulsive shopping habit has produced an important negative environmental impact. Now, consumers want to fix it by being part of the solution. That is why ice cream manufacturers should make efforts to reduce the use of plastic in packaging and create clean label products.


What some people call “Green Revolution” has also been reflected in the ice cream sector:

  • Natural Spirit: Natural ingredients are more and more well positioned. To satisfy all tastes and feel the magic connection with nature, Bordas has a large list of 100% natural and bio flavours.
  • From Garden to Enjoy: Bordas has a huge natural flavours catalogue which includes fruit, flower and vegetable ones.
  • Vegetable Milks: Substituting the base of animal milk for other ingredients of vegetable origins such as soy, almond, cashew, peanut, oats, rice, banana, avocado, hummus …
  • Fruit & Vegetables pieces 100% natural: In Bordas we produce 100% natural fruits, vegetables and derivatives to create fruit and vegetables-based texturizer ice creams. Our granulated peels give a more intense flavour to the ice cream delighting the most exquisite tastes. Fruits purées provide a softer, creamier and, definitely, more pleasant texture for the consumer.


Due to the fact that society is more concerned with healthy diets, ice cream manufactures catch up this trend in different ways: either developing functional foods incorporating some functional ingredients and proteins, or formulating with less sugar, fat, calories and potential allergens.
But don’t panic! These healthy improvements do not change traditional flavours and textures, so consumers can enjoy even more than ever!
All of this become great opportunities to innovate and differentiate from others, giving specific and creative solutions in each formulation:

  • Having a sweet tooth?: In order to reduce sugar in final products, Bordas develops flavours that provide high and strong sweetness. The use of these flavours also reduces the normal quantity used of added sugars and sweeteners.
  • New Sweeteners: Bordas is manufacturer of an interesting sugar-reduction solution based on ingredients extracted from natural citrus. Neohesperidin DC  is a powerful sweetener around 1800 times greater than sucrose, intensive and non-nutritive.
  • Functional Ice Creams: The current pace of life and healthy trends have led many sectors, even food or cosmetic ones, to offer a new category of functional products which report some extra benefit to mental or physical health.
  • Healthy Ice Creams: The formulation of ice creams tend to be free of allergens or other ingredients which may produce intolerances or health problems.


It is no longer about just a tasty ice cream, but also about living an experience. That is why the variety of formats, the desirable packaging and unimaginable flavours are now searched for added values. Thanks to them, the final product becomes a story to tell.

  • Single format: The cultural changes and the current lifestyle foster that the family units have fewer and fewer members, producing an increase in the figure of “singles”. For some time now, the industry has discovered the economic effect of single-person homes, starting to target singles with individualised packaging.
  • Around the world: The consumer is more and more exposed to global cuisines. Nowadays, eating exotic flavoured products has become an easy way to travel and experience exciting sensations. The spicy and hot flavours in dairy applications, both in yoghurts and in cheeses, are a development already established in different countries such as India or South America. The milk is characteristically sweet and creamy, capable of partially neutralising the heat sensation produced by different spicy molecules, such as capsaicin. The combination of heat sensation produced by spicy flavours linked to the concept of ice cream is currently a growing trend.
  • Adults Products: Different sectors are developing products with specific flavours and packaging more aimed at their target.
  • Alcoholic flavours: The flavours of alcoholic beverages are widely present in the ice cream sector in its most premium category.
  • Childhood thoughts: Nostalgia has become one of the most marked social trends. Although ice cream is loved by people of all ages, there is a direct link between ice cream and childhood. Enjoying a creamy and tasty Ice Cream is a pleasant way to reconnect with the child in us.


Ice cream is culturally associated, thanks to its flavour and the pleasure it produces, to moments of fun and leisure.

In warmer countries, the consumption of ice cream is always highly linked to the seasons and weather conditions, reaching its highest values ​​during the summer months. However, in countries with colder weather the consumption of ice cream undergoes slight variations throughout the year.

In order to fight against the normalised ice cream-summer-dessert cultural association, manufacturers are developing different strategies to expand their consumption moments:

  • Savoury willings: Savoury creations that can be incorporated in the daily kitchen, even breakfasts, providing an original flavour and a different tasting experience.
  • Ice cream at any moment: Creamy ice creams and sorbets taken between first-course and second-course can help to emphasise food flavours, giving a more pleasant sensation and all the ice cream’s nutritional goodness.
  • Celebration time: Some manufacturers have opted for the innovation of creating new flavours commonly associated with other seasons or festivities along the year.



Flavour remains the main factor which influences the decision to buy either an ice cream or another one.

That point makes that the innovation should focus on the continuous presentation of new and winner flavours adapted to the latest and upcoming trends.

Bordas has worked heavily to develop its strong position in the ice cream flavours sector. Thanks to our huge experience in manufacturing tailor-made solutions, we always consider any factors that may influence during the formulation, such as physical-chemical characteristics, fat level or degree of aeration.

From our R+D+i Flavours Department we are working on to offer ad hoc and innovative solutions that satisfy all the needs of our clients.

We create 100% natural and natural identical flavours, always custom-made to each client, need and application, gaining and following market requirements.




Chocolate: The food of Gods

Chocolate has been historically consumed to increase energy and concentration.This sweet and addictive ingredient is also a powerful antioxidant and capable of stimulating the production of endorphins.

Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone

Neohesperidin DC is a flavonoid present naturally in citrus, mainly in the bitter Seville orange (Citrus aurantium).


The search for premium flavours is growing. The middle-class consumer declares that they would pay more for products that have added value to conventional, becoming a great interest segment for Premium products.

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