Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone



Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, also named Neohesperidin DC, is an intensive sweetener produced from neohesperidin.

Neohesperidin DC is considered an intense and non-nutritive sweetener, with a pleasant taste and with the ability to improve the quality and sweetness profile in different food formulations.


Neohesperidin DC is a flavonoid present naturally in citrus, mainly in the bitter Seville orange (Citrus aurantium). Neohesperidin is found mainly in the peels of citrus fruits, but they are also found in:

  • Citrus pulps
  • Citrus purees
  • Citrus juice

Bordas extract Neohesperidin from all of them: pulps, purees and juices. Bordas Neohesperidin DC is always manufactured making an exhaustive selection of the highest quality raw materials.


Bordas company manufactures Neohesperidin DC as we have great experience with the treatment and processing of fruits, in particular citrus fruits. The citrus fruits are Bordas raw materials for the synthesis of many of our products, both in the field of fruit derivatives:

  • Candied
  • Cells
  • Comminaute
  • Concetrates
  • Dehydrates
  • Juices
  • Peels
  • Pulps
  • Purees
  • Slices

and in the extraction and manufacturing of functional ingredients:

All these raw materials come mainly from Bordas owned farms of bitter oranges in Seville, which allows us to have a total control of the quality and traceability of each product.


  • Worldwide approved food additive: Neohesperidin DC is approved as a food additive in Europe (E-959 code), being regulated according to the food categories where it is used. In addition, its use is also approved and regulated in the United States and Japan.
  • High sweetening power: Neohesperidin DC has a sweetness intensity around 1800 times compared to sucrose at threshold levels
  • Taste Enhancer: In addition to its sweetening power, Neohesperidin DC can also act as a product flavour enhancer.
  • Masking agent: Neohesperidin DC is also known as a less pleasant taste masking agent. This property differentiates it from the rest of the alternative sweeteners used in the industry.
  • Pleasant to taste: The organoleptic profile of NEOHESPERIDIN DC is characterized by an intense sweet taste. Using high concentrations, it presents an aftertaste with notes similar to liquorice.
  • Persistence: As an intensive sweetener, NEOHESPERIDIN DC has a very characteristic intensity-time profile. Due to this, it produces a longer and more persistent sweetness sensation.
  • Synergistic effects: Neohesperidin DC has remarkable synergistic effects used together with other sweeteners currently used in the food industry. These synergistic effects have been widely corroborated in different studies.
  • Final product unaltered: Many studies have proven that Neohesperidin DC, even improving the taste and flavour organoleptic properties, does not alter other organoleptic characteristics such as the smell of the product.
  • Stability: Neohesperidin DC is stable under normal processing and storage conditions of foods with a solubility at room temperature of 0.4 g / L, although this increases exponentially with the temperature reaching values up to 650 g / L at 80 ° C. However, this is far to be an inconvenience for its use, due to that just ppm quantity of it is required to achieve perceptible effects.
  • Healthy: Neohesperidin DC is a sweetener that does not provide calories and has a zero glycemic index.


  • Versatility: NEOHESPERIDIN DC has a particular feature since, in addition to its use as a sweetener in food formulations it can also act as a flavour enhancer as well as a masking agent, which makes it different from the rest of alternative sweeteners used in the industry.
  • Pleasant taste: Its pleasant and intense sweet taste makes Neohesperidin widely accepted in different applications and sectors, always pleasing the final consumer.
  • Flavour enhancer: As a flavour enhancer, this flavonoid works by increasing fruit and cocoa derivatives flavours.
  • Masking agent: As a masking agent, it reduces undesirable flavours in different food formulations such as acidity, bitterness, etc.
    Low concentrations: Neohesperidin DC is one of the sweeteners of natural origin with higher sweetness intensity.
  • Better consumer experience: The persistence of the pleasant taste in the mouth of Neohesperidin DC is longer than the rest of sweeteners, making the intake more enjoyable for the final consumer.
  • Pleasant to the palate: Neohesperidin DC improves the sensation and texture in mouth, providing creaminess to different food formulations.
  • Healthy: Both, the caloric intake of Neohesperidin DC and its glycemic index, are zero. This advantage allows the use of Neohesperidin DC in more products than other sweeteners, including products addressed to populations that suffer pathologies associated with obesity or metabolic syndrome.
  • Stability: Its high stability at different temperatures allows the NEOHESPERIDIN DC to be used in different sectors and in different stages of the production process.
  • Economic: Its versatility as a sweetener, enhancer or flavour masker using effective quantities of the order of ppm, less than other known sweeteners would require, makes NEOHESPERIDIN DC an economic food ingredient.
  • Cost savings: Neohesperidin DC has the capacity of achieving its desired effects using low quantities of it, and has also synergistic effects with other more expensive sweeteners. That allows it to reach, with a smaller amount of the usual more expensive sweetener and a small amount of NEOHESPERIDIN DC, a similar taste effect for which it would require a higher amount of the usual individual sweetener.


Neohesperidin DC is recognised as a multitask, economic and stable solution to different challenges in many sectors.

Due to its versatility as a food additive, Neohesperidin DC can be used in different food industries and with different desired effects:



As sweetener and taste enhancer, Neohesperidin is widely used in:

  • Desserts, ice cream and dairy products.
  • Confectionery.
  • Beverage, soft drinks and juice industries.
  • Candies.
  • Personal care products such as mouth rinses, toothpastes …


Its flavour enhancing power is highly appreciated in the following industries:

  • Sauces and soups.
  • Animal feed and health industries.


In the pharmaceutical industry, Neohesperidin DC is used primarily as a masking agent.


Years of experience guarantee the quality of the products and processes of production in Bordas. NEOHESPERIDIN DC manufacturing, as well as all our finished products, meets international quality standards. Through a correct selection of each raw material and an optimization of the production process, in which our R&D department works constantly, Bordas manufactures safe high quality tailor-made products.




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